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Green Lemon Juice

Squeeze Lemon Juice to Ice cubes. 

1 lemon ice cube to put in 500 cc water

Drink at least 3 cups a day

1 lemon =2 ice cubes

Good for - shrink pores, prevent and clear pimples, clear off blemishes and losing weight.  People called in to say it helps to clear dandruff also. Can prevent food poisoning, high blood pressure, tiredness, etc ….

Lemon Juice Lemon Juice can be use to dab on face with cotton or washing face but not on wounds or cuts

Pregnant women also can drink but limit to 3 cups a day and not too sour.

Results:  1 to 3 months later



Carrot Juice (Mix) – 2 cups

Carrot Juice – 200gm

Celery – 100 gm

Red or Green Apple – 100 gm – Peel skin and cut to big pcs

Grind Celery first, then carrot and last apple

Good for: – anaemia, after exercise muscle ache, shoulder ache, constipation, women no milk, for children – far yue pu liang



Puor Chye + Apple Juice  – 1 cup

Puor Chye (spinach) – 100grm – folds into 2 each

Red or Green Apple – 100 gm – peel skin

Fresh milk – 500 cc

Grind puor chye, then apple, pour into cup the add milk and stir

Good for: get rid of toxic in the body through eating too much meat, easily tired and heal wound faster




Cut into pieces lemon with skin attached and put it into 500cc cup.  Then pour hot boiling Chinese tea into it.

Good for:  Flu, Fever, Block nose



Orange + Milk (1 cup)

Orange – 1

Sugar Water – 1 tbsp

Fresh Milk – 2 fern of 1 cup

Peel skin and grind orange, pour into cup and stir with sugar water and fresh milk.

Good for: - tiredness in children, stiffness in nerve or muscle



Strawberry mix – 1 cup (strong in Vitamin C)

Strawberry –200 gm

Lemon – Ό - Peel skin – can put lesser lemon if too sour

Apple – 200 gm – Peel skin

Chinese Pear –

All put in Fruit juice and grind


Lemon Skin and Orange Skin – to prevent cockroaches, lizard and other type of insects.  Put in dark corners.

Honey milk & Lemon

Honey – 1 tbsp

Milk – 3 fern of 2 cups

Egg White – 1

Green Lemon –  2 tbsp

Put inside cup – Honey, egg white – beat them together then add milk and lemon.

Good for: - children who need more egg white (also good for Leukaemia), stomach pain, releasing gastric pressure


Strawberry Milk

Strawberry – 100gm

3 cube ice (optional)

Honey – 2 tbsp


Good for:  Pregnant women


For Hair Growth

White Sesame to grind until powder form then mixes with water to drink

Likewise for Walnut.


Cucumber & Pineapple Juice

Japanese Cucumber – 2  (to take away skin)

Pineapple – 100 gm (peel skin and take away the centre portion, or can also use can pineapple)

Honey and ice – a little each

Good for: men, who has urinating problem


Olive Vegetable(Kale or Kail) + Lettuce Juice – 1 cup

Olive vegetable – 100gm

War Chwee – 100gm (high Vitamin E)

Apple – 50gm – Peel skin

Put apple in Juice extractor, then olive vegetable then the lettuce

Good for: prevent cancer, for stomach, anaemia and loose weight, arthritis


Cucumber mix juice (must drink immediately and can drink everyday)

Cucumber –1

Lemon – 2 tbsp     (for men 1 tbsp enough)

Carrot – 2 of 1 pc  (don’t peel skin cut into half)

Honey - 2 tbsp

Apple – 2 of 1 pc

All add in to grind then add in Honey and Lemon

Good for:  Rheumatism


Carrot mix juice


Red Apple


Increase strength for guys, potency



Apple Juice (Red) – Drink before breakfast

1 Apple from fridge

Add Green Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp

1 to 2 ice cube

Good for:  Constipation


Tomato/Celery Juice

Tomato – 100 gm

Celery – 100 gm

Lemon – 2 tbsp

Add a little salt

2 pcs of ice cubes

Drink immediately

Good for: Diabetes, high blood pressure, high stress, muscle stiffness for older men


Mix Juice (1 cup)

Celery – 30 gm

Chinese celery – 100 gm

Apple – 100 gm

Carrot – 100 gm

2 to 3 ice cube down extractor then follow by the rest, put apple last into extractor.

Good for:  Male (strength)



Rape Juice (Yew Chye)

Rape vegetable – 50 gm

Orange – 100 gm

Carrot – 100 gm

Good for:  amnesia and blemishes



Message for Eye wrinkles

Pull your tip of eyes to the back (acupoint from side)


Message for  Eye bag

Use wedding ring hand on the eye bag, pull to the tip of the eye


For Nose Bleed

2 egg whites to blend with sugar

Then pour 1 bowl of water and steam till it is cooked

For children – use ½ portion of this


For Cough

Snow Pear – dry

Wu Hua Guor – 5 pieces

Chuang Pei

Water and Rock Sugar


For Rheumatism

Cucumber – 1

Apple – Peel skin

Honey – 2 tbsp

Lemon -  tbsp

Carrot – 2/3 , don’t peel

Grind cucumber, apple and carrot then add honey & lemon


Increase potency and strength

Walnut – also good for hair growth


Green chill



Sea Prawn

Sea Cucumber

Bird Nest



Lotus Seed

Pai Kuor




To clear drunkenness

Apple Juice, Celery juice and sugar cane juice

Chinese Pear – peel skin, slice it and eat it together with chrysanthemum tea